Writing, no, life in general, can be exhausting. If you’re anything like me, you’ve filled your days with stimulating experiences, books, and music. Occasionally, I become overwhelmed with all the writing, thinking, and doing. I begin to feel as though I’ve been here and done that. Like me, you might find yourself asking, “How do I maintain my creativity?” Let us count the ways:

  1. Listen to new music. When ideas are harder to squeeze out than that remaining drop of toothpaste in the tube, I know things have become desperate. In the past, I would sit around and wait for the *blockage* to crumble. Now, I put on Pandora or discover new music on Youtube. The introduction of something different breaks the monotony for me and I find fresh ideas when I lose myself to the beats. Right now, I’m listening to epic instrumental music. It’s cinematic, emotional, and inspirational. Go on. Give it a try!
  2. Gain a new perspective. Go outside and write down everything you see. Let the pencil guide you and leave nothing that comes naturally out of the mix. Have a random thought pop into your head? Jot that puppy down! Nothing should be restrained. Or, maybe this is how you do things already. Instead of allowing thoughts to flow in whatever direction, guide them. Write down everything you see that has the color red or keep notes on what you observe while leaving personal reflections or judgements out of it. See the world in an opposite manner of what is natural for you.
  3. Be nosy. Listen to the conversations on the bus. Overhear chatter from a group of strangers passing by. Ask a perfect stranger a random question. It feels weird, doesn’t it? But that’s what makes it fun and interesting! 
  4. Have Fun. Learn to be a kid again. Play tag. Invite your friends over for a board game. Sing at Karaoke night. Build a fort, line it with an army of teddy bears, and declare war on boredom everywhere. Do something fun for yourself or simply for the sake of having fun.
  5. Make a collage. Writing is one form of art. It’s not the only form, though. Create artwork. Draw, paint, and make a collage out of magazine pictures. Sometimes, I make visual boards for my characters or ideas. Find new ways to express yourself.
  6. Writing Prompts. Need I elaborate?
  7. Meditate. Sometimes doing nothing is better than trying to force yourself to do something. Take five to ten minutes daily to clear your mind and do absolutely nothing. Relax, breathe, and give yourself a break.
  8. Learn Aimlessly. I have a dirty little habit. I like to go on Wikipedia and click random links. I like to follow these links and read about topics I had no idea existed. You should try it sometime. Yes, join me on the Dark Side.
  9. Pinterest. Never underestimate the addictive magic of Pinterest. I binge for hours, creating boards dedicated to poetry, food, photography, and my books. In its own way, Pinterest grants me the freedom to be artistic with my boards and sometimes, I come away from it with fresh ideas.
  10. Discover strange words. Whether on Pinterest or through good ol’ reliable Google, exploring vocabulary terms you’ve never heard of before can be exciting. A single word can spark an emotion or idea. A single word can alter your perception, make you laugh or cry. Don’t believe me? Check out these words:
    • Psithurism – (n.) the sound of wind through trees.
    • Basorexia – (n.) the overwhelming desire to kiss.
    • Hodophile – (n.) lover of roads; one who loves to travel.
    • Sirimiri – (n.) a light rain; a fine drizzle.
    • Monachopsis – (n.) the subtle, persistent feeling of being out of place.
    • Vellichor – (n.) the strange wistfulness of used bookshops.