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Wordy Wednesdays: Colors

This week I’m going to define colors and not just the boring ones! Why is this important? Why can’t one simple shade of blue be enough? Well, when it comes to descriptive writing, color influences tone. Color can represent emotion. Color can also have an effect on the reader. For example, describing a sunset as bright red will affect the reader differently than describing it as a soft corn-yellow. Variations in color can indicate variations in life. 

  1. Cerulean – a color of deep blue similar to a clear sky.
  2. Amaranth – Reddish-rose with a range between a purplish-red to a shade of magenta.
  3. Fossil – a cool shade of gray like the underside of a stormy cloud. 
  4. Carob – a brown the shade of dark coffee grounds.
  5. Juniper – a rich deep green, like a blue spruce pine forest.

Want a visual of what these colors look like? Click here to chase the rainbow.


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