♥♥♥ Happy Thursday, Lovely Readers! ♥♥♥

As the weekend rushes to greet us, I cannot help, but freak out. This week I became co-founder of CraftQuest, a YouTube webinar series for writers, with Maria from Crafting Your Novel. We knocked our brains together to create our equivalent version of The View for kickass writers. Our motto? Seriously professional writers gettin’ shit done.


Each month, we’ll be hosting up to 10 writers to discuss the realities of their writing lives, master approaches, and dive into a few open critiques, where we select a couple first pages to review during the live stream. Our goal is to embrace our failures as writers, to collaborate on queries, and to present the best versions possible of our work.
CraftQuest launches at the end of February and we’ll be kicking off the event with some EPIC giveaways if we hit our goals: 500 Twitter followers and 300 YouTube subscribers. All subscribers will be eligible for the giveaways.

A Call To Action:

If you support #writers and the work that they do, subscribe to us. If you support writers working toward a common goal, subscribe to us. If you want to get a behind-the-scenes look at how books are written from the first page to the last, subscribe to us. It’s not about hitting a number of subscribers, but about connecting with writers and readers who really care about creating the kind of books you can’t put down.


CraftQuest Twitter

CraftQuest YouTube Channel

The Future Is Bright:

Subscribers = partnerships with companies + collaborations + literary agent guest appearances = unparalleled opportunities for writers. The more people who gather together with us, the stronger the community for writers and readers.