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Cliff-notes: Ravenclaw, ENFP, #writer, #reader, serial consumer of Chausson aux Pommes, sniffs books, anxiety-disorder,  inside voice not included.

I’m Ari, creator of Ravenous for Reads. As you can guess, I love to read. Like, it’s an obsession and I have no desire to recover from it. I am currently pursuing a B.A in English with a minor in Japanese Folklore. I live with my husband, Chris, in Seattle Washington, where I work as a freelance writer. When I’m not working, I love getting lost in the sea of bookshelves at Seattle Central Library, playing experimental chef in my kitchen, and snapping photos with my Canon T6i.

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Fun Facts About Me:


∅  I’m an ENFP, Leo, Ravenclaw, and gamer. Right now, I’m playing Alien Isolation (yikes!) Assassins Creed Syndicate, and Prey.

∅ Rainy days + Lemon knit slippers + sad folksy-Indie tunes + good book = FAVORITE DAYS!

∅ I cannot leave the house without headphones and music.

∅ Favorite authors: Neil Gaiman, Lang Leav, Leigh Bardugo, Cassandra Clare, Stephen King, Octavia Butler, Isaac Asimov, John Scalzi, Emily Bain Murphy, Andy Weir, and Arthur C. Clarke.

∅ Shows I constantly revisit: Haven, Flash, Arrow, Noragami, The Walking Dead, Dark Matter, Roswel, Sense8, Supernatural, Broadchurch….. gosh, I think I have a serious Netflix addiction.

∅ Colors I adore: gray and teal.

∅ I’m preparing to publish Elsewhere We Became, a collection of poetry that explores the transition from childhood to adulthood as a foster child and the transitory nature of “home”. I am current writing a YA Fantasy novel with a Japanese folklore twist 

∅ a playlist of tunes I carry with me:

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