April 2017 Book Releases

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I’m going to keep this short: I want to read these books. You want to read these books. Everyone wants to read these books! The covers are tantalizing, the titles whisper to me, and frankly, the blurbs sound interesting. What’s not inviting about these books? Here are three stories I can’t wait to get my hands on in April:

The Stars Are Fire By Anita Shreve, April 18th, 2017


Genre: General Fiction

In October 1947, fires race along the coast of Maine and Grace Holland is forced to abandon her home. Five months pregnant and with two toddlers, she and her friend, Rosie,  are forced to enter the Ocean and watch in horror as the fire consumes the only life they’ve ever known. Grace and Rosie’s husbands joined the volunteer firefighters and when morning arrives, they are homeless, moneyless, and have no idea of their husbands’ fates. In the wake of loss and devastating change, Grace must learn to survive in the aftermath of the fire; she learns to navigate the world where she must provide for her family, find a home, and a job. And she finds joy in her new life. When the unexpected happens, her courage is tested.

The Freemason’s Daughter By Shelley Sackier, April 11th 2017


Genre: Historical Fiction

Set in early eighteenth century Scotland, Jenna MacDuff must leave her home and travel from town to town in secret as masons to rally support for exiled King James Stuart. When Jenna’s clan is hired by the Duke of Keswick, she is unable to hide herself from Lord Alex Pembroke, the Duke’s son, or her attraction to him. With a covert plan in place for the garrison, Jenna must attempt to keep her father’s treason from Alex and hide her friendship with Alex from her own father. What will she do? In this historical fiction debut, someone will suffer the consequences.

Defy The Stars By Claudia Gray, April 4th, 2017


Genre: Young Adult

Noemi Vidal is a seventeen year old soldier who took an oath to protect Genesis, her planet. When it comes to her home, she’s willing to risk it all- including her own life- to gain independence from Earth. To the people on Earth, She’s a rebel.

And he is a machine. After being isolated and abandoned in space, Abel’s advanced programming has evolved. His main desire is to be free and protect his creator at all costs. To the people on Genesis, he’s an abomination.

As enemies in an interstellar war, they find themselves joining forces on a journey through space. Together, they could end the war for good but their efforts aren’t without consequences or sacrifices. When the stakes grow higher, they begin to question everything they thought they knew.

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