This week’s adventure was steeped in the buzz of popping flavors and unforgettable sensual enticement. I am, of course, talking the tea sent to me by BlendBee. Whoa, I made that rhyme. I dare you to say it three times faster!
BlendBee is a loose leaf tea company in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. It was  created in 2013 by Jamah Dacus, an absolute tea lover who makes her own loose leaf tea blends. I reached out to Jamah and she sent me a handful of teas to try.

BlendBee. Your tea. Your wayJamah Dacus,

First Impressions:
When I cut the small box open, I was greeted by a cute package. My teas were wrapped in brown sheet paper and bound closed by a personalized message made just for me. It was, by far, the most thoughtful packaging I’d ever seen. The tea even had my name on them, which I didn’t notice until a day or so later but gosh, it was a nice surprise!

Teas Included:
BlendBee was generous with the contents. I received three teas (10-15 cups worth each): Tahoe The Mornin’ To Ya, You Glow Girl (or Bro), and Coco Blue. Tucked inside was an additional treat: a stainless steel tea straw. I’d never seen one before!!!! Heck, I didn’t know they existed. At all. Ingenious!

Let’s start with my favorite of the three: Coco Blue. When I opened the seal, I was greeted by a light and creamy aroma of blueberries. It smelled like a heavenly dessert or the kind of drink I’d sip after surviving gym days. Honestly, my mind went to a blueberry and coconut cobbler. I loved how the aroma lingered, long after the tea was sucked down.
Unlike loose tea you place into an infuser, BlendBee’s teas steep directly in the water. Or, I think they do. That’s how I drank this tea! I sipped it through the infuser straw and savored the sweetness of it. Without sugar, I might add. That’s right. The sugar addict slurped this cuppa as it was.
Ingredients: Young Hyson Green Tea, elderberries, coconut flakes, bilberry leaf, strawberry leaf, rose hips, cornflowers, coconut/vanilla/blueberry flavor extract
Lightly Caffeinated – *organic
My second favorite of the bunch was Tahoe The Mornin’ To Ya.
Packed the punch of a cup of coffee. Perfect mix of earthy rich flavor with the sweetness of tiny cocoa nibs. I had a cup of this every morning before my jog and it gave me a much needed boost. It didn’t make me jittery or feel on edge, like caffeine can sometimes do. Rather, it gave me a little shove. It smelled amazing. Unlike Coco Blue, I couldn’t tell any of the ingredients by sniffing it. I saw the word cocoa and that was more than enough encouragement for me to drink it. What? I did say I was into sweet stuff, right?
Visually, I could see the variations in the tea leaves and liked the wild-like consistency. This was the easiest to drink with the tea straw because none of the bits could get into the infuser. One thing is for sure: I looked forward to this cup every morning at 5:00 am.
Ingredients: Guayusa (Green & highly caffeinated), Oolong, Cacao Nibs, Eleuthero Root (Siberian Ginseng), Juniper berries, Marshmallow root, Fenugreek, Chicory Root (Roasted), Custard & Brown Sugar flavor extracts, Contains caffeine – *organic
And……You Glow Girl. The aroma reminded me of the burdock shampoo I used. I know that doesn’t sound….tasty….but to me, earthy and spicy aromas are relaxing. I identified cinnamon, elderberries, and cloves but had to read the label for the other ingredients. As it recommended, I drank this tea in the evening before bed and found it soothing. 
This didn’t come in third because I didn’t like it. On the contrary, I enjoyed it. You Glow Girl became a part of my nightly routine and the flavors are exactly what I need to get my mind at ease before crawling into bed.
The only con I can think of is sometimes pieces of it sneak into the straw but that’s how tea works. It likes to slip out of the cup and onto its own adventures, too, I suppose.
Ingredients: Rooibos, Cinnamon, Cloves, Elderberries, Bilberry leaf, Gotu Kola, Sage, Thyme, Eleuthero root, Infused with *vanilla & *honey flavor extracts, Caffeine free – *organic
All three teas were excellent quality with fresh ingredients and put together with YOU in mind. BlendBee’s website describes the teas as “organic and wild-crafted”, which is true. Everything about their tea is wild, bursting with flavor, ripe with unique benefits. 

Purchase Options:
BlendBee has a monthly tea club subscription available, with two options: Tea Sampler or Tea Addict.
For Tea Sampler, subscribers receive two hand-blended teas (1.5 oz ea.) per month (a total of 30-45 cups), which ship by the 5th of every month. Included with each sample is a Muslin reusable tea bag, a list of the tea ingredient’s benefits, and a 3g scoop. This subscription is $15.00 per month and shipping is FREE in the U.S.A
For Tea Addict, subscribers receive two hand-blended teas (3 oz ea.) per month (a total of 60-90 cups), which ship by the 5th of every month. You’ll also receive all the extras mention in the sampler. This subscription is $20.00 per month and shipping is FREE in the U.S.A.

What Sets BlendBee Apart?
Honestly, considering the ingredients are wild, organic, and hand-blended, $15-20 a month for excellent quality is a great deal. Each tea mailed (and listed on their site) comes with all the ingredients, so you know exactly what’s in your cup. BlendBee also lets you know the health benefits of the ingredients and how to get the most out of your cuppa.
Their business is run by actual people (not robots or a super huge company that never answers their emails). Everything they package is done by hand. Even the labels are created especially for you.
BlendBee gets personal and I love it.


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