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Fantastical Q&A With Step..

by Ari Augustine Posted August 17, 2018 in Author Q&A, Blog Tours, Home / 0 Comments
Fantastical Q&A With Stephen Zimmer, Author of Dream of the Navigator

  “1984 and Brave New World meets Narnia” in this exciting new young adult release from award-wining author Stephen Zimmer.  Four main characters begin their journeys in the Faraway Saga, a tale that invites readers to explore infinite horizons! [RAVENOUS]: Tell me about Dream of the Navigator. What inspired you to write it? [ZIMMER]: A […]

Guest Post: STEEL ROOTS &..

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Steampunk is an old genre that has been around since K. W. Jeter coined the phrase to describe his novel Morlock Night. Since then the genre has recognized that Jules Vern, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, and the like were writing steampunk long ago.  The years pass and the cog turns slowly at first until […]

Steel Roots Blog Tour: Q&..

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Steel Roots Blog Tour: Q&A With Author JL Mulvihill

  [RAVENOUS]: Tell me about Steel Roots series, what inspired you to write it? [MULVIHILL]: Steel Roots is about a young girl named AB’Gale (Abby) whose father works for the railroad and disappears one day. Suddenly Abby loses her home and is thrown in a workinhouse. She must escape with the help from her new […]

Q&A With M.F Sullivan: The..

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Q&A With M.F Sullivan: The Psychedelic Nature of The Lightning Stenography Device

M.F Sullivan is the author of The Lightning Stenography Device, a newly released Literary Fiction novel diving the reader straight into a tug o’ war of questions surrounding consciousness, creation, and the flaws of humankind. I had the pleasure of speaking with Sullivan about her book, her writing, and all things wacky, weird, and wondrous… […]

Robin Hood's Dawn Author ..

by displacedcactus Posted January 24, 2018 in Author Q&A, Home / 1 Comment
Robin Hood's Dawn Author Q&A

As part of this week’s blog tour festivities for Robin Hood’s Dawn, we’re pleased to share this interview with the authors.   Author Q&A with Olivia Longueville and J.C. Plummer Robin Hood’s Dawn:  Book One in the Robin Hood Trilogy   Robin Hood has been featured in many books, movies, and television shows.  How is […]

Q&A With Stephanie Spangle..

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Q&A With Stephanie Spangler, Author of Dark Designs

Stephanie Spangler is the author of Dark Designs, a paranormal fantasy centered around a magical legacy bestowed upon twin sisters and the sinister evil they must face.  Stefanie has always loved books and reading, and one day, she decided to write a book of her own. She lives in central Illinois with her husband and daughters. […]

A 'Wicked' Q&A ..

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A 'Wicked' Q&A With Author Lana Popovic

Lana Popovic’s debut novel, Wicked Like A Wildfire, is set to release August 15th, 2017. It’s published through Harper Collins/Tegen books. Before becoming an author, Lana attended Yale University for psychology and literature. She studied law at Boston University. She is a graduate of  Emerson college Publishing and Writing program and is a literary agent […]

Q&A with Author Daniel Lo..

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Q&A with Author Daniel Lowe

Daniel Lowe teaches writing at the Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and received his MFA in fiction writing from the University of Pittsburgh. His fiction and poetry have appeared in West Branch, The Nebraska Review, The Montana Review, The Wisconsin Review, The Writing Room, The Bridge, The Paterson Literary Review, Ellipsis, Blue Stem, […]

Q&A with Author Melissa L..

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Q&A with Author Melissa Landers

Melissa Landers is the author of the Alienated Series and Starflight Duology, both of which have been published through  Disney-Hyperion. Formerly a school teacher, Landers left to pursue her love of writing full-time and hasn’t looked back. During our interview, Landers pulled back the curtains on what life as an author is like and offers insight through […]