For Ryan

by Ari Augustine Posted April 19, 2017 in Blog / 0 Comments

Dear Ryan,
I know you think I’ll forget all about you when I move to Seattle, but below are videos that prove to you I won’t.
We didn’t expect to be friends. In fact, our immediate fate was becoming Chemistry partners in Rong’s class. I thought she was evil and you thought this was funny. We both struggled with our Chemistry lab, bickering about whether or not to round up our answers. I never liked to and you insisted that we did. As usual, you were right 🙂
We spent little time as friends then. As the class came to a close, we somehow found ourselves hanging out. Maybe it’s because of our shared suffering and survival of Rong’s Chemistry 101 or maybe there isn’t a reason at all.
Either way, I’m glad we found a reason to hang out.
I’ve considered myself a pursuer of friends and I often put myself out there, shamelessly, to obtain them. You’re proof, however, that friendships can form without effort or worry.
You’re proof they form in unexpected places.
We’ve had so many adventures. By now, we are both masters of fountain photography 🙂 Because of you, I know all about the weather and the location of every fountain in town. We laughed at Rong, we chased Karina together, we explored the city and found ways to procrastinate just so we could enjoy one more moment.
You’re a great friend to have, Ryan, because you don’t live in a box. You want to have fun and so we do. How could I possibly forget you?
I can’t. Distance won’t define us and you’ll always be my friend. We’ll just be a little further apart.



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