Dearest Followers and Fellow WP-Peeps,
I have always been the kind of person who decides on a whim or ponders a million ways I can represent more than one single perception at a time. This blog represents only a small part of what I want to share with you and it’s time to show you another side – a fresh glimpse of all things reading and writing with the right amount of heavy.
What changes am I making? For starters, the template is getting a face-lift. I want light, vivid colors, and balance of content. I want consistency and poise.
Most of all, I just want a space where we can talk about what we love: reading, writing, and all the ways to curb our bibliophile appetites. I don’t just want it.
I need it.
In the next few months, I will be making changes and I very much hope you’ll stay along for this journey. I am thrilled for what may come in the future and honored to share this space – and all of its content – with you.
Below are hints at what will be coming soon. Please, don’t be shy and feel free to offer any thoughts you might have below.


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