Dear Lovely Readers,
This month has been madness. Not necessarily madness in a purely negative way. There’s been a load of good, too. Finally, my husband and I are 100% settled into our new apartment. I took some photos with my new camera, the Cannon T6i, and I’m loving this space. Well, as much as one can love an adorned shoe box looking out to Puget Sound.

I’m still sending out queries for my book, PCSR. This is completely expected. It can take months to years before anyone turns a curious head, so I’m alright with this. As a friend of mine would say, “It is what it is.” At the moment, I am working on two other writing projects while attending Summer classes.
What possessed me to take three classes over the Summer (two for fun)? I’ll never know. Maybe I was afraid I’d be bored. I’m definitely not bored now but I’ve been busy, busy, busy. Busier than a bumble bee, that’s for sure.
In June, I began working as a freelance writer for an online science website. It’s not contracted but I enjoy it. I have no idea how I am able to work full time and attend accelerated summer classes full time while still writing and maintaining this site.
Not to mention, I still find a little time here and there to read. What am I reading these days? I decided, after reading The Disappearances, that I want to continue to explore Magical Realism and genres I have little experience with. At the moment, this is what I’m reading:

  • A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
  • Exit West Mohsin Hamid

As you may very well know, if I’m not working, schooling, gaming, or reading, chances are I’m writing. I finished PCSR in May and renamed it Desiderium. It’s in the querying stage. Other WIPS: Project Amaranthine. Sorry, I cannot tell you about it. It’s my super secret NaNoWriMo writing project and I’m keeping it on the hush hush. I’m also working on Elsewhere, We Became in between everything else. It’s a combination of poetry and narrative shorts centered around three words.
And, in 10 days, it will be my 28th birthday ♥
We’ll talk soon, readers. I’ve got a little surprise for you…