The clock is ticking, folks. My pre-nano jitters have erupted into pure adrenaline. The countdown is over and it’s day three of NaNoWriMo.  I’m overflowing with wracked nerves and absolute excitement. 
To kick off this maddening experience of writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, I’m officially announcing my novel on Ravenous For Reads. I know. I already started on November 1st and I mentioned previously my dedication, but wanted to share a sliver of my WIP with you.


REIKAI. In Japanese, this refers to the “other world” or rather, a world of spirits that isn’t separate, but is not quite a part of of our world.


YA Fantasy


[Protagonist]: Jade Enomoto   
Gwendolyn & Joahni Yamane             Elias Ostlund              Macintosh O’Leary
[Antagonist]: Wren, the Kondaku, Muramasa.


Alternate Seattle [Subj. to change]. Modern day. Various communities. 


Jade Enomoto believed the choice was simple: become an Onmyoji, experimental users of magic, or continue living a lie as an Ordie, humans in favor of living ordinary lives. 
Before the question left her father’s lips, she already knew her answer, but Jade soon realizes nothing about it was simple. Since that day, she’s lied to her best friend, dodged suspicious neighbors, and trained to stave off the steep price of her decision. Then, the unthinkable happens: an Onmyoji wanders into a closed Ordie community and spontaneously explodes, killing dozens. 
As two communities clash out of fear and prejudice, Jade escapes into the world she promised to join, but it’s nothing like she expected. In Reikai, users of a magic known as Mahou commit unspeakable and wondrous acts with their bodies. Abilities are swapped, possessed objects form alliances, and the ordinary world melds with the fantastic; the technological bound intrinsically to the ethereal. Jade is finally where she belongs, but the peace doesn’t last.
Ikigai are disappearing, Onmyoji are dying, and the yokai, demons who live among humans, are behaving strangely, terrified of an obscure shift in power. There are those who know what it is, but they aren’t speaking. Even the Ordies are afraid.Then there’s Joahni, a fox spirit who knows impossible things about her. His sister, Gwen, both attracts and terrifies Jade, forcing her to confront her own desires. And it’s only Elias, the cold-blooded resident hellbent on breaking the rules, who is willing to admit that craps hit the fan. 
When a devastating mistake is made, Jade launches into a ruthless pursuit to find an object willing to strike a deal with her. With the two communities poised to strike and deadly secrets come to light, Jade is forced to decide where her loyalties lie and must choose which is most important: to follow her heart  — or survive.

I’d love to hear back from you, especially those also participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Comment below to share your thoughts, projects, or just to say hello 🙂