Steep. Savor. Make Moments Matter. — Plum Deluxe

Two weeks ago, I was on the hunt.
I wanted to break free from traditional flavors, to find an adventure in my cup, to savor a moment with myself as I embrace each new day. Most of all, I craved the soothing promise of tea. So I emailed a couple companies who offered tea subscription boxes.
Plum Deluxe was happy to jump start my adventure. Andy Hayes, creator and founder, was an email away and with lightening speed, he sent me samples. Plum Deluxe is based in Portland, Oregon. Their teas are Organic, Fair Trade, and amazingly fresh. On his site, Hayes wrote of Plum Deluxe’s goal:

My mom taught me that no matter your circumstances, you can choose to create moments that matter, every day — Andy Hayes, Plum Deluxe

First Impression:
Unlike other tea boxes, Plum Deluxe’s samples arrived in a purple envelope. It had enough padding inside to protect the tea.
Personally, I love their use of the color purple. The symbolism is endless: a meld of the underlying energizing red hues present beneath cool, calming blues. Purple is a positive and empowering color.
When I opened the envelope, I noticed three items inside: two teas to sample and a beautiful note card. The greatest part about opening the package was the delicious scent escaping, a wild invitation.
A+ for presentation.

Teas Included:
Plum Deluxe surprised me by sending two teas, one with caffeine and one without. The samples sent are the Self Care Blend Herbal Tea and Reading Nook Blend Black Tea. I want to add that I had no idea the blends of tea I would receive and heightened the excitement factor for me.

The Reading Nook Blend Black Tea reminded me of the days I spent reading in the garden. Between the two, this one had the strongest aroma. At once, I recognized lavender and chamomile, which gives this tea a calming and balanced feel.
I felt this was a good tea to sit in the early morning when I’m about to write a scene in my novel or when I might need a positive boost for the day. On their website, Reading Nook Blend Black Tea is considered their prettiest and I couldn’t agree more.
Though I typically do not prefer floral teas, this one was gorgeous to look at. I adored every whiff of it, little promises of something good to come if I let it. Ingredients include: Black Tea, Rose Petals, Lavender, Chamomile, Vanilla Essence, Love, Gratitude. Contains Caffeine.
The Self-care Blend Herbal Tea is my favorite. It is luxurious, warm, sweet, and comforting. The kind of tea I’d sip in celebration or appreciation or if I needed a “me” moment. Most notable was the aroma of apricots and this mixed well with the tartness of the elderberries. The apple is there, marrying the two flavors. I could easily drink this tea with a good book. Ingredients included: Honeybush Tea, Elderberries, Apricots, Apple Pieces, Calendula, Natural Apricot Essence, Love, Gratitude. No Caffeine.
As promised, the tea was fresh, organic, and smelled lovely. The quality was high and I spent the morning sipping tea while reading a novel, proof that bookish moments exist between words and a cup.

Subscription options:
According to their website, there are two subscription options: $10 per month for monthly tea (this includes a sample of a second tea) or $16 for two monthly teas plus a third sample. Shipping is free and risk-free cancellation is available.

What sets them apart?
Fair trade, organic products can be costly but Plum Deluxe is not. For hand-blended teas made with fresh ingredients, their price is exceptionally good. Think about how much you pay for those little tea bags.
It’s $5-6 for a decent box of tea that doesn’t taste like it’s barely flavoring the water. Plum Deluxe’s tea, if you choose to buy a pack, is $7 and yields 20 cups, double if you consider how potent some of their teas are. Plus, the purple coloring. It’s everywhere and it’s gorgeous!

How much did I love it?
It’s safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed the teas Plum Deluxe sent me. In fact, I will most likely sign up for their monthly subscription service. They were brightly colored, aromatic, fresh, and everything about their teas invited me to have a moment for myself. To press pause, breathe, enjoy.

Craving an adventure? Curious about Plum Deluxe?

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