Early throwback Thursday: I wrote this poem when I was about 13-14 years old. It’s probably the only poem I have from back then because I used to write in a notebook and at some point, the notebook was lost.  It’s called,”You once told me a story.”
You once told me a story about a little girl,13599910_10208614558954729_9057635262580894764_n-1
Who tried so hard to be “normal”
But couldn’t fit into the world.
You once told me a fairy tale
That said she’d be okay.
You said she’d really love her life
And the pain would go away.
You once told me a secret
That she’d turn her life around.
I searched all through the pages,
But none of this was found.
At last, You told the ending
which really made me cry,
For the story you had told me,
Just happened to be mine.

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