If there is one consistent factor when it comes to querying, it’s the waiting game. It can take anywhere from weeks to months before you hear anything back.
The phrase “No news is good news” is no longer a comfort. In the writing world, no news is the most commonly expressed NO. Two months ago, I queried an agent regarding my completed manuscript.
I finally received word and though it is a rejection, it was nice of him to get back to me.

August 15, 2017

Dear Ari:

Thank you very much for sending me DESIDERIUM and thank you for your patience as I considered it.

While this is definitely the kind of project I am interested in, ultimately I wasn’t as taken with your manuscript as I need to be in order to fully get behind it, and so I’m going to pass. I must remain extremely careful to only acquire projects about which I am wildly passionate, and thus I feel it is in your best interest that I step aside and allow you to continue your search for representation elsewhere.

 Please remember that this is only one opinion in what is a highly subjective business and another agency may very well feel differently. Thank you again for thinking of me, and of Writers House, and the very best of luck to you in your search for the right agent.


Agent’s Name