Our philosophy

We strive to provide honest, thoughtfully considered, well-written reviews of books. At times, we may passionately rant about, discuss, or promote books and occasionally, you may stumble on musings about our own writing projects. Be brave. Have an adventure. Read ravenously.

Review policy

We accept books from authors & publishers for review.

We mainly accept YA and Adult Fiction including: Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Graphic Novels, Comics, Manga, Thrillers, Suspense, and Dystopian.

Subgenres we’d really love to get our hands on: Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Magical Realism, Fables| Mythic | Folklore, Portal, and Westerns.

We accept ARCS (digital & printed) and post-release copies. Because there are three of us reviewing books, please be sure to let us know all formats available as this may impact who can review your book.

At this time, we’re only accepting self-published books in the following categories: LGBTQ+, Poetry, Comics, Graphic Novels, and Manga. We accept all of our preferred genres from Independent (Indie) publishers, traditional publishers, media groups, and publicists.

All reviews are our own. They are not influenced by publishing houses, pressure, or payment of any kind. Our reviews will always be honest and thoughtful, which means they won’t always be positive in nature. However, all of our reviews will be analyzed professionally and fairly. We maintain the right to, at any time, decide not to review a book at our discretion.

Reviews will be posted to this blog, Amazon, and on Goodreads. In addition, we often tweet and share our reviews on a Facebook page.

Please email us at ravenousforreads(at)gmail(dot)com. Include the release date, a blurb, cover image, author information/bio, social media links, deadlines (if any), and why the book would be a good fit for our blog. Also, please check out our reviewers on the ABOUT US page and specify which blogger you feel would be the best to review the book.

Rating System

5 Stars: This book is forever a favorite & a permanent part of our bookshelf hall of fame.

4 Stars: We really liked this book! It’s an unexpected gem.

3 Stars: The book was okay. We liked it, but weren’t blown away by it.

2 Stars: This book had an intriguing premise, but we felt it was missing something.

1 Star: We couldn’t finish/ It was a chore to read. We won’t pick this up again.

Additional requests

We happily accept and participate in the following events: Author interviews, cover reveals, promo blitzes, blog tours, and guest posting.