Review Requests | Policy

Dear Authors & Publishers,

Ravenous for Reads is currently accepting requests for both books and products that pair well with a literature centered life. Prior to sending a request for review, please be sure to read this page and its policies. Time is a finite resource that we highly value and we wouldn’t want it to be wasted. We accept works that have been traditionally published, self-published, and from Indie authors.

Preferred genres:

*We consider Young Adult and Adult Fiction*

YA + Adult Science Fiction | Any kind of LGBTQ |  YA + Adult Fantasy | Mystery | Thriller | Poetry + essays + Science | YA + Adult Realistic Fiction 

A  few Fantasy & Science Fiction sub-genres we’d love to see:

Urban | Steampunk | Magical Realism | Fables + Mythic + Folklore | Cyberpunk | Hard & Soft SF | Graphic Novels + Manga | Westerns

Genres we are NOT accepting:

*We do not consider books focused on current hot political issues* 

Erotica | Romance | Elementary or Middle grade fiction

What you should include in your request:

  1. Book title, genre, length, and release date
  2. The summary + cover photo (if possible)
  3. Formats available (Pdf, epub, mobi, paperback)
  4. Why the book is a good fit for Ravenous for Reads and vice versa?
  5. Review deadline
  6. Author details + links to social media

For products:

  1. Product name + ingredient details
  2. If there is a company logo, please send an image of creator and of the logo.
  3. Why is the product a good fit for Ravenous for Reads and vice versa?
  4. Review deadline
  5. Social media links
  6. Any other details you deem important to share

In addition to reviews, we are open to:

  1. Author interviews – Generally, we will only consider interviewing authors we’re familiar with or ones we have read and reviewed. 
  2. Exclusive cover reveals + promo blitzes – As a rule, we will only accept requests from authors we know or are a book we’re excited for. 
  3. Blog tours
  4. Guest blogging – Whether it be to give writing advice, create a discussion, or just rambling about books, we are interesting in being a guest blogger and on welcoming you to guest blog. If interested, be sure to contact us with your idea pitch and any relevant information.

Our reviewing approach:

Reviews on Ravenous for Reads are a collection of honest opinions. As readers, we might discover we didn’t enjoy a book or product as much as we’d hoped and so, not all reviews will be 100% positive. Instead, we try to balance it out, commenting on what we liked – and what we didn’t. If you are not okay with the idea of a negative review or critique could be written, Ravenous for Reads might not be the best fit for you. By sending a review request, you acknowledge this. 

We respond to every review request, even to ones we do not accept. It may, however, take up to 7 days before we’re able to respond. If we accept a request, we will try to review a book within two weeks of accepting a request. If anything should delay our progress, we communicate this as soon as possible. Our reviews will also be posted on BlogLovin’, Goodreads, Amazon, and several other online sources. All of these reviews will be linked back to our review on Ravenous for Reads.

If interested in sending a request for review, send an email through our contact form or click the link below

 Contact Ravenous for Reads