Seattle, Washington

Posted August 15, 2016 by Ari Augustine in Lit Life / 0 Comments

Left photo: University of Washington.                    Right Photo: Space Needle.

In July, my husband Chris and I traveled to Seattle, Washington. We didn’t go because we have family out that way or for a special event. There really wasn’t any specific reason beyond just wanting to be somewhere other than Pittsburgh.
Well, that and we absolutely love Seattle.
While we were there, I couldn’t stop myself from crawling all over the city. I sat on the shore of the beach, capturing shots of the waves as they rushed to greet me. I stood on the side of a mountain covered in forest and captured the bright, blue horizon over the grey waters down below. The sun had been unforgiving as it sat above us but I took shelter under the leaves of a tree.
I wandered the inner city, finding inspiration and beauty is nearly everything I laid my eyes on. I don’t think a single day existed where I didn’t find a silver-lining or an experience to capture.
This is what photography means to me. It’s the world nestled in the palm of my hand, disguised as the  lens of a Nexus 6P.

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