Life’s simple pleasures can be summed up in three words: books and tea.  Since January 1st 2018, my entire existence has been launched into a whirlwind of busy and while I love each second of productive creativity, I’m also grateful for the little moments I create for myself: like walks in the rain, reading a passage of poems, an afternoon nap, or a warm cup of tea.

To celebrate those precious “me” moments, I subscribed to Plum Deluxe last year. Each month, I receive two full teas — equivalent to 30 cups — and a sample of a third tea. I chose to purchase the larger subscription, which is about $48 every 3 months, but there is a $10/month option for those who aren’t tea addicts. I just want to say up front that Plum Deluxe doesn’t give me tea for reviews, nor do I rave about them for profit; I genuinely love their tea, their message, and I frequently harass my mailman for my package.
This month’s selection of teas was unique and took me back to summers at my grandmother’s home: Cozy Tranquil Dream Herbal Tea,  Porch Sippin’ Pecan Black Tea, and Orange Blossom Black Tea.
As someone notorious for my dislike of herbal teas, the Cozy Tranquil Dream took me by surprise. It has a light herbal aroma of  chamomile, lemongrass, and spearmint. Other ingredients included: rosehips, orange peel, and hibiscus. The flavor is strong enough to make two cups of tea and since it doesn’t have caffeine, I was able to enjoy it in the evening.
Just in time for Spring, the Orange Blossom Black Tea brought a splash of color and a zing of energy into my days. Packed with orange peels and apple pieces, it smelled of hot cider and summers eating fruit wedges. It’s amazing the memories a simple scent can invoke and I drank this tea deeply, remembering all the moments of my childhood that were fun. I couldn’t help smiling into my cup.
And finally, my absolute favorite of the three: Porch Sippin’ Pecan Black Tea. Can I just take a second to say how badly I’ve been wanting Butter Pecan ice cream? I’ve been on the hunt for it and I’m convinced it should be on the endangered list (or maybe I should buy it all next time I find it?)
Anyways, this is the Butter Pecan equivalent of tea. With cinnamon chips and pecan pieces, I could happily sit on my porch and sip it. I could happily watch the sun map its way across the sky, book in lap, phone on silent, and sip this tea.
Because it took two minutes to warm the water, six minutes to steep, and by the time I sat down to begin my day and finished the cup, that’s 15-20 minutes of complete “me” time I got to enjoy.
And it was so freakin’ delicious.

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