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I Am 28 Today

by Ari Augustine Posted August 1, 2017 in Blog, Home / 0 Comments
I Am 28 Today

Dear Readers, There are plenty of people in my life who warn that turning 28 is the beginning of the end. 30 is stalking me like a future ex-boyfriend around the corner. A homeless man waves a sign that reads, “The End Is Neigh.”  A clock ticks. Lines are drawn in the dirt and gosh, […]

Elsewhere, We Became #4: Story..

by Ari Augustine Posted July 25, 2017 in Blog, Home / 2 Comments
Elsewhere, We Became #4: Story Excerpt

Excerpt: The Devils of Logan Lake No one with their wits about them wants to be a Newman. When Matthew Newman scrawled his family name into the ledger, we felt a shiver ripple through Logan Lake. The fir coats of the deciduous forest shook with warning and the soil dried and cracked, the harvest that […]

For Ryan

by Ari Augustine Posted April 19, 2017 in Blog / 0 Comments

Dear Ryan, I know you think I’ll forget all about you when I move to Seattle, but below are videos that prove to you I won’t. We didn’t expect to be friends. In fact, our immediate fate was becoming Chemistry partners in Rong’s class. I thought she was evil and you thought this was funny. […]

The End of Another Draft

by Ari Augustine Posted March 17, 2017 in Blog / 2 Comments
The End of Another Draft

It’s official. I can say with certainty that I understand how Frodo felt when he destroyed the ring and declared,”It’s over. It’s done.” Am I proclaiming I saved the world from an evil overlord thirsting to regain power? Hell to the no. I wouldn’t want the pressure and I’d rather get into trouble with Pippin. Sorry, Middle […]


by Ari Augustine Posted February 14, 2017 in Blog / 0 Comments

Don’t forget to celebrate the love you have for yourself, which is equally important as the love you have for others. Take a moment to breathe, to appreciate yourself, and to acknowledge your value as a human being. And, of course, remember to share your love of books <3 Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter […]

We Wander Knowlingly In The Da..

by Ari Augustine Posted January 18, 2017 in Blog / 0 Comments
We Wander Knowlingly In The Dark

We feel like strangers, Roaming in the night, Landing kisses on the wall, Narrowly missing each other Like we’re playing Pin The Tail On The Donkey.   We have terrible aim.   We stage a game of telephone, Twirling the bright red Pretend cord around our fingers, Cutting circulation, Filling in all the words Lost […]