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Review Of Graphic Novel ‘MARCH’

Title:  MARCH Author: John Lewis, Andrew Aydin Genre: Non-fiction graphic novel Length: 128 pages My rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ Overview: MARCH is a vivid first hand account of John Lewis's struggle for human and civil rights. Although told from Lewis's point of view, it illustrates the highs and lows of the civil rights movement and resonates with an undying spirit of… Continue reading Review Of Graphic Novel ‘MARCH’

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Ten Genres Defined

What the heck is a genre? For a word we use so often to describe our taste in music, books, or art, do we know what it means? A genre is a category that we assign depending on focus and style. By organizing tastes into specific genres, we create rules that define whether or not… Continue reading Ten Genres Defined


A Pair of Poems

In 2015, I wrote a pair of poems I submitted to Aberration Labyrinth. At the time, I didn't know what I was feeling and I struggled to express myself. There didn't seem to be words for what I was feeling but I knew if I could write it down or say it aloud, I would be… Continue reading A Pair of Poems


Elsewhere, We Became #2

Lena, You asked me how I became strong. How did we, of the same origins - of the same cloth -become so different? I recall shrugging and refusing to look at you when I said, "Some people are just born like that." Isn't that what I said? I might have mentioned that sometimes people are… Continue reading Elsewhere, We Became #2

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5 New Year Resolutions for Writers

Let's be honest. For many of us, 2016 was less than what we'd hoped for. Maybe for you it was the opposite and 2016 was the best year by far. It's all a matter of perspective. Whether we reach our goal or not, the desire remains the same: Everyone wants a change. As 2017 is… Continue reading 5 New Year Resolutions for Writers

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Q&A with Lori Jakiela

Lori Jakiela is the author of the memoir Belief Is Its Own Kind of Truth, Maybe -- which won Stanford University's 2016 Saroyan Prize for International Writing -- as well as the memoirs The Bridge to Take When Things Gets Serious and Miss New York Has Everything. She is also the author of the poetry collection,… Continue reading Q&A with Lori Jakiela

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You Wouldn’t Live In A Cardboard Box, Would You?

Imagine sitting down with your favorite book. There you are, sitting in a comfy chair, peeling the pages apart hungrily. You're into it : the plot, the dramatic climax, and even maddening suspense clinging to each line. No doubt, the story you are reading is a great one. Its opening line sucked you in and… Continue reading You Wouldn’t Live In A Cardboard Box, Would You?