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Wordy Wednesdays: Sense Of Sme..

by Ari Augustine Posted August 9, 2017 in #Writing, Blog / 0 Comments
Wordy Wednesdays: Sense Of Smell

Thanks to my love affair with Sleeping At Last’s latest releases, I’m inspired. This week, I want to explore the senses: smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing. I won’t overwhelm you with them all this week but I can promise interesting ways to say “smells nice” and “that’s stinky”. Aromatic (adj.) – pleasant and distinctive […]

Wordy Wednesdays: Colors

by Ari Augustine Posted July 26, 2017 in #Writing, Blog, Home / 1 Comment
Wordy Wednesdays: Colors

This week I’m going to define colors and not just the boring ones! Why is this important? Why can’t one simple shade of blue be enough? Well, when it comes to descriptive writing, color influences tone. Color can represent emotion. Color can also have an effect on the reader. For example, describing a sunset as […]