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BookTube Review

From Booktube to WordPress Like what you see? Subscribe to my BookTube channel here ❤ Instagram: @nelson.ari Facebook: Tumblr: Goodreads: Twitter: Related videos: F^3 Booktube | Talk Nerdy With Me #2 Popular Authors And Their Books I Have Never Read (Video) Talk Nerdy With Me: F^3 #1 (Video) F^3 | Talk… Continue reading BookTube Review

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What is Speculative Fiction?

Speculative fiction is an umbrella term.

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Ten Genres Defined

What the heck is a genre? For a word we use so often to describe our taste in music, books, or art, do we know what it means? A genre is a category that we assign depending on focus and style. By organizing tastes into specific genres, we create rules that define whether or not… Continue reading Ten Genres Defined


Elsewhere, We Became #2

Lena, You asked me how I became strong. How did we, of the same origins - of the same cloth -become so different? I recall shrugging and refusing to look at you when I said, "Some people are just born like that." Isn't that what I said? I might have mentioned that sometimes people are… Continue reading Elsewhere, We Became #2


Elsewhere, We Became #0

Untitled was the first poem I'd written. Its lines were crooked and without symmetry, words pressed tight against the page, unable to breathe. You could follow the dark shadows of the graphite and lead, trace the awkward, childish pause where I left a comma instead of a period. Where I abandoned the line, everything open,… Continue reading Elsewhere, We Became #0

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5 Magazines Accepting Submissions

We all know how hard it can be to get anyone, especially publishers, to simply look at our work. Thankfully, this has yet to deter us from trying. Here's a list of five publishers currently open to submissions: Apricity Magazine DEADLINE: December 10th, 2016 After current issue deadline, rolling submissions. No reading fee. Simultaneous submissions… Continue reading 5 Magazines Accepting Submissions

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You Wouldn’t Live In A Cardboard Box, Would You?

Imagine sitting down with your favorite book. There you are, sitting in a comfy chair, peeling the pages apart hungrily. You're into it : the plot, the dramatic climax, and even maddening suspense clinging to each line. No doubt, the story you are reading is a great one. Its opening line sucked you in and… Continue reading You Wouldn’t Live In A Cardboard Box, Would You?



I don't know why I remember the smell of gasoline. Sitting on the garage floor in nothing but my short corduroys, grease smeared on my knees, I watch Papa curse over the truck engine. Gasoline, sawdust, and grease was all over the garage, painting it with the leftovers of hard work and, often, failed attempts.… Continue reading Gasoline