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Ten Genres Defined

What the heck is a genre? For a word we use so often to describe our taste in music, books, or art, do we know what it means? A genre is a category that we assign depending on focus and style. By organizing tastes into specific genres, we create rules that define whether or not… Continue reading Ten Genres Defined


A Pair of Poems

In 2015, I wrote a pair of poems I submitted to Aberration Labyrinth. At the time, I didn't know what I was feeling and I struggled to express myself. There didn't seem to be words for what I was feeling but I knew if I could write it down or say it aloud, I would be… Continue reading A Pair of Poems

Articles & Resources, For Writers

5 Magazines Accepting Submissions

We all know how hard it can be to get anyone, especially publishers, to simply look at our work. Thankfully, this has yet to deter us from trying. Here's a list of five publishers currently open to submissions: Apricity Magazine DEADLINE: December 10th, 2016 After current issue deadline, rolling submissions. No reading fee. Simultaneous submissions… Continue reading 5 Magazines Accepting Submissions