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Q&A with Emily Rodgers

Emily Rodgers is a Pittsburgh-based adjunct English professor at AI, Duquesne University, and the Community College of Allegheny County. Outside of her role as an instructor, Rodgers is a musician who is both singer and songwriter in Emily Rodgers Band. She has been praised by NPR All Songs Considered, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Burgh Sounds, Pittsburgh City-Paper,… Continue reading Q&A with Emily Rodgers


Frühling des Bedauerns ( Poem)

  Frühling des Bedauerns Come back to me, I Simply couldn't see, blind The arrant symmetry, You Were my everything. You opened me, sigh To the endless sea, I Simply couldn't breathe, When you looked at me. We broke apart, You And your paper heart, grew Like frosted grass, Love I ruined you.    … Continue reading Frühling des Bedauerns ( Poem)


21st Street

  She's sure he didn't mean to call her boring He was probably joking, even. Yet, as he turned away from her And announced it Loudly to the small audience of their friends, She felt a little piece of herself  chip, A small sensation she has come to recognize As her feelings being hurt. She sat there,… Continue reading 21st Street