Carousel Island

Climbed into cupped hands, cradled in Arguments of gunpowder and spark. Made Room for the shadows of doubt in heart. Outlast the day. Find a way for Us to fix our sinking ship, water-wrecked. Say it isn't over. Say we're better than this Every time we fail to see a flicker of Light in our… Continue reading Carousel Island

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Five Types of Poetry

A poet is, above anything else, a person passionately in love with language. – W.H Auden Poetry, like anything else in life, is a matter of preference. There are those who love it, those who tolerate it, and those who loathe it. For those of us who love or tolerate it, poetry is one of the… Continue reading Five Types of Poetry


Elsewhere, We Became #3

You're always leaving me. You make it hard to stay, to breathe. I hear the pounding of my heart, a series of uncertain knocks in my chest. Is anyone home? No, we've camped out for the nighttime, underneath a canopy of trees. I wait for him to break the silence again. I sense his smile… Continue reading Elsewhere, We Became #3


A Pair of Poems

In 2015, I wrote a pair of poems I submitted to Aberration Labyrinth. At the time, I didn't know what I was feeling and I struggled to express myself. There didn't seem to be words for what I was feeling but I knew if I could write it down or say it aloud, I would be… Continue reading A Pair of Poems


Elsewhere, We Became #0

Untitled was the first poem I'd written. Its lines were crooked and without symmetry, words pressed tight against the page, unable to breathe. You could follow the dark shadows of the graphite and lead, trace the awkward, childish pause where I left a comma instead of a period. Where I abandoned the line, everything open,… Continue reading Elsewhere, We Became #0

Book Reviews

A Review of Ozone Journal By Peter Balakian

Title: Ozone Journal Author: Peter Balakian Genre: Poetry, Fiction Length: 92 pages My rating: ♥ ♥ ♥   Ozone Journal is unlike the majority of poetry I have read in my entire life. Balakian's style is lyrical and linguistic, drawing attention to social issues that remain prevalent in our lives: AIDS, genocide, cultural breakdown, and memories,… Continue reading A Review of Ozone Journal By Peter Balakian


We Wander Knowlingly In The Dark

We feel like strangers, Roaming in the night, Landing kisses on the wall, Narrowly missing each other Like we're playing Pin The Tail On The Donkey.   We have terrible aim.   We stage a game of telephone, Twirling the bright red Pretend cord around our fingers, Cutting circulation, Filling in all the words Lost… Continue reading We Wander Knowlingly In The Dark


The Great Blue Nothing

There's a place by the sea, Where the Earth drops off suddenly, Swallowed whole by the great blue nothing. You said God made it for you And me. I waited there, hair dancing wildly in the wind. I promised you I'd never come again. You asked, "What could we possibly gain?" I waited until you… Continue reading The Great Blue Nothing