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Rejection Letter #6

Posted September 21, 2017 by Ari Augustine in #Writing, Blog, Home / 0 Comments
Rejection Letter #6

It’s a strange experience when I speak to non-writers about receiving rejection letters. To the outside world, hearing nothing at all is the greatest of news. Inside a writer’s world, it’s silent code for “no, we are not interested in your work.” Which, if I’m being honest, stings a little. No one likes being ignored […]

Rejection Letter #5

Posted August 21, 2017 by Ari Augustine in #Writing, Blog, Home / 3 Comments

If there is one consistent factor when it comes to querying, it’s the waiting game. It can take anywhere from weeks to months before you hear anything back. The phrase “No news is good news” is no longer a comfort. In the writing world, no news is the most commonly expressed NO. Two months ago, I […]

3 Fears Every Writer Experienc..

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3 Fears Every Writer Experiences

Writers are people, too. We, like many humans, experience fear, and anxiety when it comes to stringing our souls across the page in sentences. There’s an uncertainty that inherently comes with being a writer and it’s born out of our humanity. Here are three fears we writers must face: You have zero talent. I’m guilty of […]

Five Ways To Use Rejection To ..

Posted December 19, 2016 by Ari Augustine in Home / 5 Comments

Life is full of rejection. Last one picked during recess? Rejected. Didn’t get into the college you wanted? Rejected. Turned down for a position you wanted because they “went with someone more qualified”? Rejected. Sooner or later, rejection feels less like a sharp word or a slamming door and more like a punch in the […]