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Dreadful Young Ladies and Othe..

by displacedcactus Posted February 7, 2018 in Book Reviews, Home / 0 Comments
Dreadful Young Ladies and Other Stories — Book Review

I’ll be perfectly honest, I put in a NetGalley request for Dreadful Young Ladies and Other Stories based solely on the cover. Oh, ok, maybe the comparison to Neil Gaiman helped, but mostly it was those beautiful dragonfly wings. Dreadful Young Ladies is a single-author short story collection featuring the work of Kelly Barnhill. All of […]

Robots vs Fairies — Book..

by displacedcactus Posted January 31, 2018 in Book Reviews, Home / 0 Comments
Robots vs Fairies — Book Review

I’ve never one-clicked a book faster than when I found out about Robots vs Fairies. The only thing better than an anthology of stories trying to prove that either fairies or robots are the rightful masters of humanity is such an anthology that happens to feature work by some of your favorite authors and others […]

Elsewhere, We Became #4: Story..

by Ari Augustine Posted July 25, 2017 in Blog, Home / 2 Comments
Elsewhere, We Became #4: Story Excerpt

Excerpt: The Devils of Logan Lake No one with their wits about them wants to be a Newman. When Matthew Newman scrawled his family name into the ledger, we felt a shiver ripple through Logan Lake. The fir coats of the deciduous forest shook with warning and the soil dried and cracked, the harvest that […]

Elsewhere, We Became #3

by Ari Augustine Posted May 18, 2017 in Blog / 1 Comment
Elsewhere, We Became #3

You’re always leaving me. You make it hard to stay, to breathe. I hear the pounding of my heart, a series of uncertain knocks in my chest. Is anyone home? No, we’ve camped out for the nighttime, underneath a canopy of trees. I wait for him to break the silence again. I sense his smile […]