The Great Blue Nothing

Posted January 2, 2017 by Ari Augustine in Lit Life / 0 Comments

There’s a place by the sea,
Where the Earth drops off suddenly,
Swallowed whole by the great blue nothing.
You said God made it for you
And me.
I waited there, hair dancing wildly in the wind.
I promised you I’d never come again.
You asked, “What could we possibly gain?”
I waited until you left to say,
“Nothing. Anything. Everything.”
I promised myself I’d never return,
To that lonely place where I learned,
To love you, to lose you.
To batter you and bruise you.
To abandon you out by the sea.
Screaming to the wind, carelessly.
I think I heard you call for me.
Yet I find myself standing at Earth’s end,
Doing my damnedest to pretend,
I wasn’t the one who sent you over the edge,
Into the wild heart
Of the great blue nothing.

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