FairyLoot’s October 2017 theme was “Villainous”. Who could resist such a wicked box? Certainly not me because I rushed to make a single purchase and then spent an entire month pacing by my mailbox.
When it arrived at the tail end of October, I didn’t even wait to film a video for my BookTube channel. Yeah. Talk about failing the marshmallow test. So, this is my review of FairyLoot’s October box with a few photos to show off the swag.

*This post contains affiliate links*

Who is FairyLoot?

FairyLoot is a monthly subscription company based in the U.K who specialize in Young Adult fantasy titles. Most people say there are two options, a monthly subscription for £26 or a 3-6 month subscription. The reality is, however, that you can sometimes purchase a one-time box and avoid a subscription. This is what I did!

What Did I Receive?

First, like a cherry at the top of the cake, is a brightly labeled candle tin. FairyLoot frequently features candles. The one included this month is Maleficent by Meraki CandlesWhat’s a candle lover to do? Smell it, of course, and it’s incredibly aromatic. To me, it has an almost lemony scent.
Next was a pocket mirror secured in its own mesh bag by Little Inkling Designs. It had the quote, “Everyone has darkness inside them however hidden.” It’s a quote from The Elites by Marie Lu, which I have yet to read.
A pin of the a skull with a snake slithering from its mouth, the Dark Mark from Harry Potter. A personal favorite, actually, as a die-hard Potterhead. This adorable pin was created by House Of Wonderland.
Under all the purple squiggle paper stuffing (is there a proper name for this stuff?!), was an awesome coaster by Evie Seo. Seriously, this thing is STURDY. It’s one of those coasters with a hard base and plastic face. It featured this quote, ” ‘Every fairytale needs a good old fashioned villain.” Recognize the quote? You should! It was uttered by Jim Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes!
Also by Evie was a Raise Hell themed printed art with a quote pulled from The Aeneid by Virgil.
Honestly, my favorite part of any box are the books. This month, FairyLoot sent not one, but TWO hardbacks in October. The first book, which I’ve already started ready, is Forest of A Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao. Just a few chapters in, I can already see why FairyLoot chose it for their villainous theme!

The second book caught me off guard. I screamed when I saw it because 1) I LOVE the author, 2) because the cover is GORGEOUS, and 3) I’ve been wanting this damn book. 
And the second book this month is….The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo.  It features a FairyLoot exclusive red foil cover and was accompanied by postcard artwork. I’ve been a fan of her novels since I read Six of Crows and discovered badass Kaz Brekker. Inside, the pages are colorful and elaborately decorated with illustrations. It’s a Grisha fairytale/short story book of sorts. It’s gorgeous!
If you have no clue who this author is, check out the Crooked Kingdom or her Grisha novels. If you like dark fantasies with unapologetic characters and extensive world-building, these are for you.
There you have it, readers! I will not be reviewing subscription boxes every month. Mostly, only on special occasions and only on themes I’m particularly interested in.
I believe FairyLoot cost me $53.90. While I absolutely love their box, $53.90/ month = $646.8 a year. In my opinion, the only two negatives for me when it comes to FairyLoot is 1) the price, and 2) DHL shipping.