My reading ventures are erratic and eclectic. I have been branching out from my usual SCI-FI/FANTASY corner to explore other genres. Lately, I’ve been reading a handful of contemporaries, classics, and thrillers, which is a random combination.
November is about comfort for me. I’m going to read whatever feels best because I’m in way over my head with college, work, and NaNoWriMo. I sucked it up and downloaded audio books, which is a HUGE DEAL FOR ME,  so I can maximize my time to fit in at least 30 minutes of reading. It beats wandering around with an open book in the dreadful Seattle weather – and it prevents me from walking into traffic because I can’t pull myself out of the book.
A win-win, I think. So here’s what I’ve stuck my nose into:

Good Me, Bad MeGoodme-Badme-Goodreads

by Ali Land
Told in the first person POV, Good Me Bad Me tells the shocking tale of Millie, a 16-year old girl who can no longer abide to witness her mother’s crimes, but when she turns on her own blood, Millie wonders how different she really is from her mother, a monster. How far does the apple fall from the tree?
I’m midway through this book and I don’t want to put it down. I have laid in bed until 3 AM listening to it on my phone. On the first day, I think I got through chapter 7. This isn’t an epic novel. In comparison to past readings, I believe this is 300 pages or less, but don’t let that fool you.
It’s a damned good book. Addictive.


For Want of Water: And Other PoemsFWOW

by Sasha Pimentel
Ah, poetry. How you make my heart sing! I started this collection on Monday and it does not disappoint.
The Goodreads description reads like a tempting invitation: “Searing verses set on the Mexican border about war and addiction, love and sexual violence, grief and loss, from an American Book Award-winning author. Selected by Gregory Pardlo as winner of the National Poetry Series.”
The cover is eye-catching, the title poetic. How could I resist the urge to bring it home with me? That’s right. I couldn’t.


A Bad CharacterABC

By Deepti Kapoor
This book was a fluke for me. I didn’t intend to bring it home, but when I opened the first few pages, I was attracted to it. A Bad Character quickly found a friend in me.
I love the social, cultural, and emotional diversity in what I’ve read so far. It’s not often I read books set abroad, but lately, I want to. There’s a refreshing sense that accompanies  a world entirely new to me.
I’m not finished reading this yet, but hope to be by Thanksgiving.

There you have it. My rather short-but- keeps- me -sane reading list for November. Sometimes, it’s not about being consumed by a story; sometimes it’s about enjoying the journey and ending it whenever you do.

So, what are you reading this month?