Thanks to my love affair with Sleeping At Last’s latest releases, I’m inspired.

This week, I want to explore the senses: smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing. I won’t overwhelm you with them all this week but I can promise interesting ways to say “smells nice” and “that’s stinky”.

  1. Aromatic (adj.) – pleasant and distinctive smell.
  2. Briny (adj.) – salty water smell, like the sea.
  3. Rank (adj.) –  strong aroma, a bad smell; not soft or fresh.
  4. Ambrosial (adj.) – a succulent sweet smell; divine and fragrant.
  5. Piquant (adj.) – a tangy, zingy smell; strong odor that tickles the nose.
  6. Gamy (adj.) –  tangy smell like grass, woods, and wild herbs; rich, wet, ripe scent.

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